Replace your free weights, squat rack, bench press, bowflex, other weight machines and other weight lifting tools with something better: The Jaquish Biomedical X3® Elite Complete Home Gym System.  

The X3 Complete Home Gym System is the result of little known clinical research performed at Cornell University, and empowers you with variable resistance, a training methodology that has been utilized in elite gym facilities to help break more than 140 strength world records in the past few years.  But with X3 you don't need thousands of dollars of custom fitness devices, or an extra room to store them in.  You don't even need to go to the gym.

We've spent thousands of hours meticulously building a scientifically backed workout to get you the most benefit out of the least time.  These online videos show you exactly what you need to do with your X3 Complete Home Gym System, to replace countless hours spent at the gym with less effective free weights or weight training machines. And your X3 workout will only take 10 minutes a day.  Forget hours wasted commuting to the gym.  With The X3 Complete Home Gym System, exercise intensity is unmatched, time commitment is minimal, and results are unbelievable because X3 isn't an ordinary fitness product, X3 was engineered by medical researchers and is endorsed by everyone from professional body builders and celebrity trainers to busy executives.  

X3 is a complete home gym system that provides faster, better exercise benefits than conventional weight machines, squat racks, home gyms, etc. 

What you get:

Quality Guarantee & Return Policy  

-X3 Elite Bar: Specially machined anodized aluminum Bar with solid steel internal shaft, rotates like an olympic bar so that grip is optimized at all times.  This precision machined bar is designed to hold more than 500lbs.  

-Heavy-Duty Alloy Steel Ground Plate Protects ankles from high workout forces, which have the potential to exceed 500lbs.

-12 Week Program - Similar to P90X, X3 has 12 weeks of workouts available online in progression, from beginner to advanced, adding intensity and nutrition advice, for maximum gains, and fat loss. 

Four Custom Engineered Resistance Bands - Jaquish Biomedical has developed the most complex resistance bands ever made. Extra-Light, Light, medium, and heavy bands made from layered latex of exceptional thickness. These are the bands that allow X3 to replace an entire gym worth of free weights, weight machines, racks, and more.  Welcome to the future of home gyms.  And because these bands provide 400+lbs of resistance in a 15lb package, X3 is also compact and portable.



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