A carrying case for your X3.  

-It is possible to put the ground plate, all bands including the Elite, and an X3 Classic, X3 Pro, and X3 Elite bar in this case at the same time (although that is a tight fit).

-It's closely based on the design of an existing bag that X3 customers (and Dr. J) have already had good success with, but we've made some upgrades (in addition to adding the X3 patches).

-The pouches are taller than in other similar bags, so that they can comfortably accommodate even the elite band.

-We have used some premium YKK zippers. We believe the highest risk failure point on other bags would likely be the zipper, so this has been upgraded on the official X3 carrying case. 

-There's no extra hardware/velcro/straps inside of the case, like there are in the other bags people have used.

Assembled in the USA from imported materials.

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