The X3 Black Band is the next step for those who can already perform 40 reps of an exercise with the X3 Dark Grey Band and is the perfect band for experienced lifters. This band offers from 60-150 lbs of resistance when singled over, and up to 300 lbs of resistance when doubled over! 

The X3 Bands are made through a layering process of 15 total latex layers that adds durability and strength to the bands, and helps prevent snapping even when damaged.

The X3 Black Band is 2 1/2" wide, 5.5 mm thick and 41" in length. 


*This listing is for the Black Band only.  No X3 or other bar component is included.  This product is recommended only for those who have already purchased an X3.   The Black Band is designed in the USA and made in Sri Lanka. 

*This product is made of latex and is not recommended for use by individuals with a serious latex allergy.

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